What To Look For When Looking For Puppies For Sale

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Places offering puppies for sale often have large-scale, nationwide, commercial pet stores, local pet markets and privately owned, small-scale pet breeding organizations. Unfortunately, not every place offers equal quality care for the often-shackled, often malnourished puppies they sell. It’s important for prospective puppy owners to carefully research each of the breeders they consider buying from. Buyer beware is a common adage; one that applies not only to pet sales but to the entire buying process. This article will discuss how to research breeders you may be considering purchasing from. You may find more details about this at NY Breeder-Puppies For Sale

It seems as if most people have an opinion about where to buy puppies from: the Internet. Is that where you should buy your puppy from? Many people will tell you to buy your puppy online, while others will advise that you visit a breeder in person. There are strong arguments for both of those alternatives, but the one thing that everyone agrees on is that you should never pay money upfront to purchase a puppy from someone you’ve never met in person. So which option is right for you?

While it’s true that many small breed puppies have been bred successfully in small facilities and have been used for breeding purposes for years, the fact is that this business is currently illegal in most states (including California). Those who do not have brick and mortar operations are turning to the Internet to advertise puppies and to find buyers for those puppies. This is not always a bad thing, as the Internet is a great way to reach a large number of potential buyers without any cost to the buyer. However, it’s important that buyers and breeders exercise caution when choosing puppies from an Internet site.

Because puppies are a type of pet that cannot speak for themselves, the seller should be very clear about breed and origins before he describes his pup. Ask what type of home the pup was raised in, if it has any known genetic problems or whether the pup has had any medical conditions. Also, ask how long the owner has owned the animal and if the pup has been spayed or neutered. The breeder should be able to tell you these details without further questions being asked.

Buyers should know the size of their potential fur-ball. While smaller dogs like chihuahuas, Yorkies, and Maltese can fit into most standard sized homes, the long haired miniature pythons, terriers, and giant Schnauzers may need to be fenced in or have a shelter elsewhere until they are fully grown. Buyers of puppies for sale should always choose a dog breed that will grow up to a small, medium, or large size.

Breeders should describe the health history of each of their dogs. Ask how old the animals have been living with humans before they were shipped. Dogs that have been living with humans for a long period of time are usually very healthy. However, some common health issues that come up among puppies that have been living with humans include fever, urinary tract infection, distemper, parvo virus, and heartworm. A good breeder will let you know if there are any hereditary conditions in the dogs, so you can be sure that the pups will grow up to be healthy.

Ask plenty of questions before agreeing to buy puppies. You should ask about breed ethics and the history of the dog breed. Buyers should also find out how the puppies look in comparison to the breed standard. There should be at least one registered purebred dog breed for every possible combination. Buyers should never buy purebreds that don’t conform to the breed standard. They should also be willing to spend time with the buyers and to handle any questions that the buyer poses.

It is best to adopt puppies from a rescue group rather than buying a puppy in a pet store. Many times the puppies offered for adoption are unhealthy. They may even be infected with a disease that is contagious. The shelter or the rescue group does not do background checks on their pets. Before you decide to get a puppy, it is best to check the background of the pet to make sure that it is indeed a purebred.

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